Missed Opportunity

About two years ago, after walking by Ground Zero, thinking about the tragedy that occurred there, and getting all riled up about the fact nothing substantial had been done about getting the people ACTUALLY responsible for it, my entrepreneurial mind clicked into gear and a business plan was formed.  I started discussing the bounty that was on Osama bin Laden's head with some fellow New Yorkers and here is what I jotted down. - Raise $2.5mm in equity

- Hire the world's best mercenaries

- Give them 6 months to plan, stockpile, and launch a private tour of the mountainous region of Central Asia

- Find the mass murdering bastard responsible for the death of countless innocent lives around the world

- Pull the trigger

- Split the $25,000,000 reward amongst the team and investors

- Realize over a 300% annualized rate of return

All told, this would have been a much less costly way of achieving the strategic objective of taking out this evil mastermind of terror than the costly wars that have been waged in Afghanistan and Iraq.  But, as is often the case, the execution of a good idea is the only thing that matters. The heroic events of this weekend just go to show, the early bird gets the worm.  And what a worm he was.

Good riddance Osama.