High Touch

Last night, I had one of the most interactive dinners of my life.  At the very popular Inamo Restaurant in Soho London there aren't waiters to take your order.  The entire menu and ordering experience happens on your table thanks to an overhead projection display system. Using the small track pad on the right side of your plate, you can see the menu, read about the dishes, and most amazingly, see them visualized on the plate in front of you.  After deciding exactly what you want to eat, you can watch your dish be prepared on the live "Chef Cam" there on your table. Each dish we ordered arrived in less than 10 minutes.

We learned that reservations are very tough to come by and once you are there you have exactly 1.5 hours to complete you dinner before you are "encouraged to continue your dinning experience in the downstairs bar."

All in all, from the food, to the technology, to the service, I was a fan.