Do you smell that? That's the smell of awesome in your smart phone market place.  Now you don't have to wonder what's going on with your friends olfactory nerves, you'll be able to know for a fact! People around the world are check-in to what they are smelling and share it with their friends with SMELT IT!

Have you ever been sitting at dinner with your significant other and thought, "wow, the smell of this fresh baked bread and the rosemary butter is just amazing!" Before SMELT IT your only choice was to text a friend and waste precious time away from your date. But now, with SMELT IT's over 1000 smell directory, you can quickly identify that smell and share across your favorite social networks.  And, to increase the user experience even more, you can tag your favorite smells to your geolocation based check-ins and add photos of the things your are smelling to share on the most popular photo sharing apps out there! The Web 3.0 synergies are endless!

Brands are going to smell this opportunity a mile away and some major corporations and agencies are currently getting their first whiff of the pungent revolution. Never again will people forget what scent shampoo they love or what their ex-girlfriend's perfume was.

Download it now! And just remember: If you dealt it - tell everyone on SMELT IT!


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