There is not equality in the world. There never will be.  And I am okay with that. The only place in all of human history where there is true equality is in literature when some evil force has stripped everyone of their individuality and convinced everyone that they are all the same and they shouldn't try to be more. The truth is, we are all very different people with different backgrounds and different opportunities in life that have shaped us into the person that we are so far and the person we will continue to become.  That is the reality that I think is often over looked. We are all different. All men are created equal and should be treated as such, there is no doubt, but we are not dropped into equal circumstances and surroundings.  The moment that we are welcomed into the world, that is when the equality of life stops. Except for one thing.

There is one thing that is universally and eternally equal about all humans.  There is only one thing that you and I will always have in common. That thing is our time.  On this 5th day of March in the year 2011, you and I both have 86,400 seconds to live before it is March 6th, when of course we will have the same definite period of time to live before that day is done.  Everyone from the beginning of time has had the same daily allotment of moments to make our world a better place.  There is no one in the world, now or ever in history, that has had more seconds in their day than we do right now. Those that were born with a silver spoon in their mouth have the same number of seconds in their day as those that were born without a spoon at all.  It is the only kind of equality that will ever exist in the world.

The only question left to us: What will we choose to do with the time that we have been given? How will we choose to invest the seconds in our day? How will we make each day be better than the day before?