OUR Birthday

A reoccurring theme of my birthdays growing up was sharing.  On my second birthday, the very day that I turned two, I got a surprise present.  I had asked for a box of crayons to further my creative streak, but instead got a little sister.  She crashed the biggest party that the two year old community of Omaha, NE would have ever seen.  From that February 10th on, it was never again MY birthday, but OUR birthday.  OUR Crayola Crayon themed shindig in the late 80's.  OUR thift store themed bowling party in the 90's.... Another big part of birthdays growing up in Texas was the inclusion of water somewhere in the celebration.  Summer birthdays always had water in plentiful supply so there weren't heat exhaustion calls made to the local authorities. Wet trampolines and super soakers always seemed to make an appearance as well, usually while the parents were inside comparing grocery lists and lesson plans or whatever it is that parents talk about. And of course to ensure that those of us kids with winter birthdays didn't miss out, the city I grew up in had several indoor swimming pools that made great party spots as long as you didn't mind the smell of chlorine as you blew out the candles.

In the spirit of celebrating OUR birthday this year, my sister Katie (who by the way, in hindsight, is the best present I have ever received on MY birthday) and I are sharing OUR birthday with charity: water.  In fact, better said, Katie and I are giving up OUR birthdays and asking our family, friends, and online stalkers to join us in celebrating what can happen when we all work together.

Will you help us get this party started? http://mycharitywater.org/OurBday

Right now, as you are reading this, over 1,000,000,000 around the world don't have access to clean drinking water.  In order to find water that it even remotely safe to drink, mothers and children are walking miles on end to get there and making that same excruciating journey back home with 40 gallon jerry cans on their backs. Just so they can have some water that won't jack up their system for the next week.  The incredible team at charity: water is making huge strides to help end this worldwide problem.

For just $5,000, a water project can be funded in a community and clean drinking water can be in plentiful supply.  This cuts down on the disease, the wasted time spent by mothers and children, and as a result the number of kids that have to miss school just so they can get a sip of clean drinking water.

So for OUR birthday, the only thing that we are asking for is that you help us help a community and fund a well.  Since it is my 29th birthday, I am asking that you consider giving $29 to this well (or, if you like Katie better, give $27... and if you like us both, maybe you'll give $56?) We know that with the help of our family, friends, and the vast world of the interwebs, that we can make OUR birthday a big huge awesome watery celebration and do something that is much bigger than just one day.

Ready to rock? Awesome! Go here: http://mycharitywater.org/OurBday