Thankful: There's an App for that

One of my favorite Thanksgiving traditions that my parents started was the "What are you THANKFUL for" list.  There were rarely any rules, just the expectation that we we all write a few things down. But, then, like most things in the Ellwood household, it got competitive.  Some years the lists would get so long that last year's entry of "Friends" would be expanded to include everyone by name. That instead of just "fun times" every board game on the top shelf of the closet would get a bi-line. And then I realized that it was just me.  What can I say, I like to win.

But, sometime in college, I went from quantity to quality.  And since then, there have been some years that have been easier to pull together my list than others.  Some years that have had some surprise entries and others that I've asked the question, "am I actually THANKFUL for that, or just glad it happened and it's over?" There are always some constants and always some newcomers.  But this year, in light of the craziness that this year has held, it just became apparent that if I was going to come up with a list of what I'm THANKFUL for, there had to be an App for that.

Friends around the world - Good ones and new ones, old ones and, frankly, a few random ones.

A company I believe in - Can't say enough about the incredible team that I am honored to work with.

People who will take my call - There is nothing better than knowing if there is something I need, I probably have someone I can call.

Capturing moments in time - As grainy as they might be, they're helping me tell a story.

The time I've been given to make a difference - Every minute of everyday is a chance to make a lasting impact

A life of game playing - Growing up playing board games and cards with my family and understanding the strategy and tactics of game play.

Instantaneous brain dumping - Everyone needs a place to get some thoughts out, some snarkier than others.

Experiences recorded and relived - Business presentations, foodie recommendations, and the crazy New York streets

My Dad's sense of direction - Turns out, it's hereditary.

All four seasons - The move to NYC actually has caused me to check the weather

Big Numbers - The harder you work, the luckier you get.  The luckier you get, the more zeroes you have to deal with.

Power of information - With great power, comes great responsibility.

The excitement of being a fan - The Texas Rangers gave October baseball a whole new meaning for me and my family.

My City - There are some decisions that make all the difference, Annie and my move to Manhattan was one of them.

The health of family and friends - The healthier we are, the more fun we can have in the long run.

Voices - Being further away from my family this year, there is nothing better than hearing their voice on the other end of the line.

Geographic Independence - Being able to manage a world of opportunities from anywhere in the world.

Adventures in access - There is nothing that is outside the realm of possibilities when the interwebs are at my fingertips.

The quick note - No matter where in the world I've found myself this year, there has been nothing I've appreciated more than seeing a quick "I Love You" from Annie.  I'm the lucky one indeed.