New Goal: TSA Pat Down

To say that I am goal oriented would be an understatement of epic proportions.  If I don't have some kind of bigger objective in mind, I tend to lose interest and my motivation stalls.  Recently, I have been in search of the bigger motivation for going to the gym.  At a certain point, the sacrifice of early mornings in the gym outweighed the hint of vanity that keep me going.  Especially going into the winter season in New York City. My aspirational six pack abs and rippling biceps probably would not make many public appearances when the snow is pilling up and it's below freezing outside. But this week, while traveling for the holiday, I found my new motivation for hitting the gym hard when I get home. The potential of a TSA pat down.  I have a pretty decent amount of traveling coming up between now and the end of the year, and the chances are pretty good that it is going to happen to me.  So, when those blue latex gloves gingerly makes their way across my chest and then up my inner thigh until it "meets the resistance," the last thing I want is Officer Smith judging me for finishing the turkey leg and that second helping of stuffing on Thanksgiving day.

Hoping to get to second base with the TSA: my new motivation for going to the gym.