How To Start a Movement

Lat month I had the chance to be a part of CMJ 2010 here in NYC by moderating a panel called "How to Start a Movement."  It was a really privilege to be a part of the event and share the stage with some incredible talents whom each are making big waves in their industries.  The room was packed and when our session was over, there was a sense that we could have continued the conversation and Q&A with the audience for another hour or two. The panel was made up of (L to R) the man on a mission Kenny Laubbacher of Invisible Children, rock star designer Jac Vanek, visionary Constantine Roussos of (dot)music, tastemaker extraordinaire Nic Harcourt and myself.   As the five of us met in the green room before we got on stage, I realized the opportunity that we had to really share some big ideas with our audience and I furiously scribble notes as on top of my outline to make sure that no good ideas went unshared.  My hope was to give our audience of passionate young musicians, artists, and visionaries an real understanding of how each of the panelist took their ideas from concept to reality and share the challenges and victories along the way.  We talked about the problem that prompted their decision to take action, the plan they began with, and the people that were the most important to their success thus far.

There is a great recap of some of those thoughts HERE and Jac's thoughts on the day HERE

The name of this panel was inspired by a talk given at TED in Long Beach, CA in 2010 by Derek Sivers.  In his talk he breaks down what it takes to start a movement.  Check out this 3 minute video for a great break down of his thoughts as well.