You whine - I win

Last night over beers, I asked a friend of mine a simple question: Me: "What motivates you?"

Him: "Money."

This has been, and continues to be one of my all time favorite open ended questions as there are so many different ways to answer it.  Will the response be direct, sappy, inspirational, or long winded? In the brevity and truth of his response, he summed up something that has been lost in the participation trophy self esteem obsessed society we find ourselves in: self interest, or, put another way: greed.  In an effort to make sure everyone plays nice and gets along and doesn't have their feelings hurt on the playground (literal and real), we've taken away the hunter and kill or be killed natural instinct.

And, then I thought about that a little bit more, and realized, it is in my self interest to not change the system that is pumping out pushovers and pansies into the business world.  Their whining will make it that much easy for me to win.