Working Lunch

When I am actually in the office for lunch, and not out shaking hands and swapping business cards in Midtown or on Madison Ave, I love to learn.  I pop in my headphones and open up one of the best sources for quick 20 minute videos about changing the world: The TED YouTube Channel. One of my goals in life is not only to attend TED, but to have made an impact big enough to speak at TED and continue to share that vision with some of the leading minds in the world. Today's lunch time learning was around the idea of raising kids to be entrepreneurs.  It is a fantastic look at some ideas about teaching kids the skills that will lead to a successful career leading a company instead of working for one.  Some great thoughts on the skills that all kids have the chance to grow at an early age that will give them a true leg up in whatever path their professional lives take.

Check it out: Cameron Herold: Let's raise kids to be entrepreneurs