Motivating Spin

Some people hire professional life coaches, buy inspirational tapes, or attend "The New You, Today!" seminars. I just go to spin class on Thursday mornings at 6:45 with Shaina for some in your face inspiration with the added benefit of a killer workout. Since moving to New York City in February, Annie and I have fallen in love with our gym and the awesome environment it presents for working out and working out hard. (And by awesome environment, I mean you have to workout and workout hard because there is a disproportionate skew towards the ridiculously good looking and you don't want to be left behind)

Prior to joining Equinox, I had never been to an entire spin class, I never really understood the intensity of the workout. But, over the past couple months, I have become more and more of a regular.  There are different instructors each morning, but after a couple months of observation, Thursday's instructor is the best. Shaina comes incredibly well prepared and changes up here routine each month to focus on different elements of the workout to keep from getting stale or routine.

But, both Annie and I agree, the best part is that she gets inside your head and elevates the spin class to a higher level.  And she does it with brute honesty and a smile. Some of my favorite lines from this past week:

  • * Look, if you need an easy work out, this isn't the place. There are a whole row of elliptical machines out there!
  • * Is that your best? I don't believe you!
  • * Think of all the people who are still in their beds right now that didn't have the discipline and commitment that you have to be here. You are way ahead of them on your way toward your goals, in life and in the gym!
  • * I need you to give me more!
  • * You have the rest of the day to be comfortable. Not now. Now is all about discomfort and pushing your limits!

There is nothing better than in your face honesty that challenges you to rise above dished out by someone who has earned your respect.  The call to something bigger and the relentless pursuit of the best are the marks of a true leader - in the saddle and all the way up.