The Danger of Good Habits

What do farm raised organic meat, Kiehl's lotions and shampoos, and my morning Venti Drip from Starbucks have in common?  They are all examples of the dangerous path that I now walk because of establishing good habits. * Last year, Annie and I went to see Food, Inc. and were permanently effected by the images and the truth conveyed.  It wasn't an "in your face down with the evil corporations" style documentary, but a "here is the truth, what are you going to do with it" message that left you to decide for yourself.  We (and by we, I mean Annie) had already been making an effort to choose organic vegetables when they were available.  But after seeing the disgusting conditions and unnatural ways in which mass produced food makes its way to our plates, we do our best to support local farmers and naturally raised foods. And my stomach and body has said thank you. (I have lost 20lbs and have excremental more energy)

The danger with forming this good habit is that when I "just get hungry" and need a quick bite and don't trust my gut, my gut revolts for the next 4 hours.

* I have missed a couple days in a row at the gym before.  I enjoy my time at the gym, and my body has grown accustomed to the constant stimulus and endorphin high, but I am not legalistic about it.  I am very fortunate to have a great gym (Equinox in SoHo) close by to my apartment and office.   One of the selling points we were told when we signed up was the brand new partnership with Kiehl's and how our Equinox now proudly provides their products in the showers and at the bathroom sinks in the locker rooms.  In addition to a great place to work out I realized the other side benefit that my gym habit has caused: good hair and hydrated skin.

The danger with forming this good habit is that when I get wrapped up in a busy week and my morning gym routine gets thrown off and I am resigned to quick showers at home, my hair and skin remind me throughout the day they missed their Kiehl's that morning.

* Since 2001, the first time I worked as a Barista for Starbucks (followed by a 2nd stint in downtown London in 2004), I have been as close to an addict as they come.  I order the same thing every morning (Venti Bold, no room) and it is as much a part of the story of the my past decade as anything.  I have driven over 25 miles through the corn fields of Iowa to find the closest Starbucks to keep my morning routine intact and have a real dark fully roasted cup of coffee.

The danger with forming this good habit (debatably this obsession) is that I have literally developed an allergic reaction to weak coffee.  It makes me sneeze.

So, all that said, be careful where your good intentions take you. If you start a good habit, make sure you can keep it. On the one hand you may end up being healthier, with better hygiene, and a true appreciate for good coffee. On the other hand, you might never be able to enjoy a cheap steak, CVS brand shampoo, or the watered down office coffee again.

But for me, is a risk I am willing to take.