New York Morning Mix

There are some times when you just need a great mix of tunes to get the day started.  Some days I need the smooth and slow tracks of an emo coffee shop style performer.  Other mornings it is time to flip on a Jay-Z/Linkin Park mix. And then some mornings I just hit shuffle and see where my iTunes genius thinks I should go. But over the past couple weeks, I have refined and locked down on one of my newest and perhaps favorite soundtracks of all time.  It has become my go to compilation of melodies and beats that start my day off right.  The order of the tracks change on a daily basis, but the excitement of the rise and fall of each tune in unison with one another makes for a fantastic walk to work. 1. Glass Bottles Tossed - composed and performed by Soho Street Sweepers

2. Back It Up Beep - mixed and recorded by Construction Trucks in Reverse

3. Can You Spare a Quarter - mastered and performed by Starbucks Homeless Guy

4. Horns Blasted, Brakes Slammed - featuring the New York City Taxi Chorus

5. Sirens in the Distance - a joint project by the NYPD and the FDNY

6. Get Out of My Way Tourist - muttered by Pinstriped Businessmen

7. Please Don't Look at Me - performed exclusively by the Walk of Shame Walkers

8. Can I Help Who's Next - yelled out above the noise by Coffee Shop Baristas

9. Security Gate Rattle - composed and performed by early morning Shop Keepers

10. Sizzle, Smear, Steam, Next - mixed and mastered by Street Vendors Citywide