Good People: Eric Lyons

I keep a note on my iPhone called: Future Blog Posts.  It is where I jot notes and formulate some of the ideas that eventually end up here in one for or another.  Since blogging for me is a former of mental therapy, a chance to slow down my mind long enough to form a complete thought, I sometimes have to remind myself of some of the very cool ideas, opportunities, and interactions that race across my cerebral screen.

The topic that has the longest list and the most future entries is the subject of "Good People."  Good People, with a capital G and a capital P.  The kinds of people that I fight to keep close and do whatever I can to be a part of their current and future success stories.  The kinds of people that are not only incredibly good at what they do, but extremely passionate in the way in which they do it.  The kinds of people that know they are a part of something much bigger than themselves and are doing their part to make the world in which they live the best world they can imagine.

One of those people, and someone that will be a big part of future posts, is Eric Lyons.  Eric and I have been friends for a couple years and the deep level conversations about the immediate and lasting change that he sees for this world have enriched my perspective and altered my understanding of the not so nice side of the world I am more comfortable pretending doesn't exist.

In a recent article in Chatter Magazine, Eric tells his story and his vision for the world that he wants to be a part of.  It is a story and a vision that I am very proud to say I am aware of.  It is a story and a vision that I am extremely excited to be involved with.  It is a story and vision that I hope inspires you to be involved in the change that this world deserves.

In connecting Good People with Great Opportunities, these stories happen more often than I deserve.

Eric, it is an honor to know you and to see the work you do.

(Check out to learn what you can do to get involved with Eric Lyons and his vision to stop human trafficking in our life time)