Chips and Check-ins

Last night Annie and I met up with a couple of friends at Gonzalez y Gonzalez on Broadway for some dinner and to continue the quest to find the best Mexican food in NYC.  We were completely spoiled (and frankly I get cravings) by Mi Cocina in Highland Park Village.    A Mombo Taxi (or 2) with a order of the perfect guacamole and the best, yet seldom ordered, item on the menu: Sunset Style Fajitas: Perfection. So the quest to find a suitable replacement continued.  Gonzalez y Gonzales was pretty good.  The table side guac was great as was the white sangria.  I felt like I won the contest for guessing the best thing on the menu when my Tacos de Pescado arrived.  Who doesn't like seeing a whole avacado sliced and artfully arrange over a creamy chipotle sauce infused fished tacos?

But perhaps the best thing that happened as a result of dinner is that I now have 3 new recommendations to go try.  As I sat down for dinner, I checked in on Gowalla.  I pushed my check-in out to Twitter and to Facebook alerting my respective networks that I was in search of some good Mexican food here in NYC. When I got home and did my "social media tour" before heading to bed, I was pleasantly surprise to find that I had recommendations waiting for me.  One within Gowalla (in App comments are amazing), one on Twitter, and one on Facebook.  I also had some additional commentary by other Mexican food lovers and their quest to find the best queso.

I know that I am a little biased being so closely associated with Gowalla, but, it is always kind of nice to know that what we are building works and benefit from it first hand.

Now, off to try and get a table at Mole next weekend.