Moving Past

As the reality of my pending move set in last month, I began to comprehend the magnitude of the decision and everything that came with it. One thing that came with it, that I wasn't prepared for in the least, was the task of packing.

In my last move, I moved from a house into a good sized apartment. If it was in the house, it made it into the apartment. If it made it into the apartment, there was a pretty good chance that I found a place for it and forgot about it. But this move, I was moving from my good sized apartment into a New York City apartment. And so began the culling process.
What did I actually need to take with me? What did I still have just because it meant something to me at some point? When was the last time I actually used/wore that? What was this for? Is this even mine?
All told, I am confident that I threw away or gave away over a third of everything that I had managed to carry with me from one move to the next. And then, when we got to New York and began unpacking, I threw/gave away another third of what had made it past the first cut.
And if you asked me right now what I threw away, I couldn't tell you a tenth of it.
Going through this process was terribly therapeutic. It got me thinking that it is not just our physical stuff that we need to spend time culling out, but all the other stuff that we carry along with us out of some sense of misplaced obligation to the past.
As I pulled every "keepsake" and "memory" out and decided what made the cut, I thought about a lot of the things that I had left behind. Things that were important to me at one point, but didn't make the cut to be a part of my future. Relationships that were a big part of a certain point of my life, but are no longer. Perspectives on the world that became outdated the more of the world I got to know. My inner doubts and fears that played a bigger role in my past but were not constructive for my future.
It took a significant change to jar lose my most recent round things I was holding onto. But it reminded me that in order to live at full speed and completely in the moment of today, we need to consistently evaluate and cull out our past.