New Year Musings

As I poured over my thoughts and musings from this past year, and the results that followed, I was convicted of my own small mindedness and lack of commitment to the bigger picture. I was "far too easily pleased."
I have spoke at length about that great C. S. Lewis quote in the past (HERE) and how I believe that we are called to something bigger and greater in our lives than what we can even ask or imagine with our current understanding of the world. But today, this morning, the first day of the new year, I am struck by it as I think about the plans and goals I have set for 2010. Did I really stretch the horizon, or did I incrementally ratchet up my plans by staying within my margin of safety? Did I settle for a vision that I can clearly see a path for, and thereby cheat myself of some of the adventure of the unknown?
But it is not just about stretching the limit or pursuing my personal best, which always is out of my immediate reach and will require complete dedication to attain. But it is about making that stretch, that push, that reach something that is a part of my DNA and a calling card of my Personal Legend. Like any precise motion of flexibility and strength, the perfection comes in the practice and equips us with confidence in the heat of battle.
2010 will be there year that my world changes in ways I can't even begin to know. 2010 will be the year that launches a thousand new ideas that will lead to hundreds of new paths that will throw open doors that as of today I don't even know exist. 2010 will be the year that I hone in and develop the mental strength and flexibility found in the small things so that the precision needed will be there to make the big leap of faith with confidence.