I Got This

I want to tell you a story about me, a tricked out maroon Cadillac thumping some serious bass, and a the very cold and very wet snow that was falling on Christmas eve. Add these three things together, throw in a flat tire, and finish it off with strangers hugging it out, and you have my little Christmas miracle.
In recent years I have been known to start and complete all of my Christmas shopping on the 23rd of December. I compile my list over the course of the previous couple weeks and then go hunting for presents. I say hunting because there is no debate as to what I am going to get. I walk in, snatch the item from the shelf (with love) and check out. I then spend Christmas eve morning as an OCD little elf doing my best to let some of my inner art skills shine through in my wrapping. But this year was different.
With the help of Annie and a little more intentional approach to the Holiday season, most of my presents were purchased and even wrapped before Christmas Eve. When I pulled out of the parking garage on Christmas Eve, my (super awesome amazingly nice Infiniti G35) was loaded down with all the presents and I was headed for my parents house. I had one last gift to buy, so I swung by Kohl's and nabbed it in 10 minutes flat. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I felt my tires slip a little in the snow that was lightly falling. Then as I pulled around the corner to merge back onto the highway, I realized that one of my tires was severely low on air. I drove back to the 7-11 and went to the air station to top it off. When I got out in the snow that was now falling pretty heavily, I looked down to see a completely flat and blown out tire.
So here I was, dressed up for Christmas Eve services, car full of presents, in the middle of the most snow Texas has seen in years, with a flat tire. I unpacked my trunk and pulled out the spare and the tire jack and went to work. The ground didn't get any warmer and the snow didn't get any dryer as i cranked on the tire lugs. Down on my hands and knees without much feeling in my finger tips was when I heard it.
From my vulnerable position sprawled out under my car, I heard what sounded like a Little Wayne concert rolling up next to me. I looked up and saw a tricked out maroon Cadillac with a canvas top and gold trim on everything. The driver's side dark tinted window rolled down and I saw a smiling black woman looking at me. In a high pitched voice she yelled out, "I brought you a helper!" As she spoke those words, a large black man emerged from the passenger side. Wearing a large coat, a do-rag, and sporting a gold tooth, he walked up to me, shook my hand and said, "I got this!"
Without giving me much of an option, he grabbed the crowbar out of my hand and smiled. He started to change my tire and in between cranking on the lug nuts, he introduced himself as Chris. I asked about the large cast he had on his left hand. "Got into a fight, you should see the other guy." He said as he swung the crowbar for dramatic effect.
Okay, wow.
As he took charge and got my tire back on in short order. I found out that Chris lived in Fort Worth and was a door to door salesman for a local cable company. He had graduated from a school in Austin and then joined the Air Force.
We packed my busted tire back into my trunk and got everything all squared away. I thanked him for being willing to help a stranger out and for getting down and dirty in the snow so I didn't have to. He said that he was sure I'd have done the same thing. He wished me a Merry Christmas and gave me a big hug. He told me that his life couldn't be better and that he was really glad that I had a flat tire.
I smiled, thought for a second, and then asked why.
"I was so sick of shopping with my wife. You having a flat tire was the opportunity I'd been looking for and gave me an excuse not to have to go into Kohl's and get dragged around looking at stuff for her kids. Your flat tire was my Christmas wish!"