A Good Ancestor

In the short sighted society in which we live, the question of goal setting and resolutions usually entails a window of several months and up to a year. The question I am pondering as the new year approaches is this: "Am I being a good ancestor to the generations that will come after me."
I was struck with the question recently when thinking about the goals that I have for the new year. There are some of the same ones I make every year about paying down debt, losing weight, writing more.... etc. Then there are some that I feel are more significant. But as I write them down, I realize that even those don't allow for a longer time horizon than the next year, or maybe two. Why is that?
As a generation, we have had more things handed to us than any other group of people in the history of the world. Our understanding of "need" is pitiful. Our grandparents had it tough and did whatever they could to make their kids a better life. Their kids, our parents, did the same for us and have established our base line expectations in such a way that the expectation of a recent college graduate is to be able to be neighbors with their parents and exceed their lifestyle in the first few years out of school. I know that was the case for me when I bought my first car out of school. The "struggles" we have are temporal and insignificant (though I do hate when I have to use a dial up modem or a fax machine.) And as a result, so are our goals. They have to do with things that don't last.
So if I think about my great grandkids in the year 2092; they'll be in college and starting to understanding who they are in this world. I would have to live to be 110 to see that day. So if I am lucky enough, what would I want their parents to say that I always said? "Your great grandfather Andy used to always say...." or what movement would I want them to know I was a part of? What lives would I have influenced to not only make their day to day lives better, but the entire world in which they live better?
Am I being a good ancestor to my decendants? 2010 will be the year they point to as the turning point in my Personal Legend and the year their futures changed for good.