Worth It

There is nothing better to start off Q4 than a couple great quotes that speak to the striving and the hustling that I work to make my calling card and the hallmark of my daily life. Sometimes it is the words from a friend and other times it is the words of a stranger from long ago, but I take comfort in these quotes becuase they are a testament to the fact that those that dream big dreams are not new to this world but are those that have shaped this world that we live in today. The first one this week is something that I have said to Annie on multiple occasions when we discuss our individual and our corporate goals and dreams:

"What ever it takes, that's what I do." - David Mellor, Grounds Keeper at Fenway Park

I truly believe that that is the mentality that it is necessary to take when you have a goal in mind and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are chasing down something worth the effort. "Whatever it takes" sometimes is my default answer to the question of "How?" that maybe asked when talking about the big dreams and big ideas that I believe are mine for the taking.

The second quote that has quickly risen through the ranks of my all time favorites is this one:

"The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer." - Fridjof Nansen, Norwegian Explorer and Nobel Prize winner

If something isn't difficult, and can be obtained with little effort or resistance, it is not really that special in the first place. If anyone can achieve it, if anyone through minimal sacrifice can obtain it, how can it be considered a unique and lofty quest worth pursuing? Nothing worth fighting for ever came with out a fight. Nothing worth your utmost efforts and determination was ever conquered on the first try. The rarified air is reserved for those that put in the time, the blood sweat and tears, the sacrifice, and do whatever it takes to get there and count themselves among the very select few that ever hold on long enough to see their dreams become reality. Every difficult undertaking is met with resistance and set backs. Every impossible dream worth dreaming is worth the lifetime of effort and toiling required to grasp it and make it your own.