Run Into the Roar

On the plains of Africa, a story about facing our fears or perishing is played out on a daily basis.
When lions go out from their pride in a hunting group, the make-up of the group is usually all lionesses and the oldest male lion. The hunt begins as the lionesses line the perimeter of one end of a field filled with the prey and the male lion takes his place at the exact opposite end of the field. When they are all in place, the male lion does what he does best and lets out a series of earth shattering roars. This, of course, that frightens the herd of prey and instinctively, in mass chaos, they run away from where they hear the roars are coming from. The herd runs right into the waiting ambush of lionesses and to their deaths. If in fact they had gone against their natural instinct and faced their fears, they would have been safe. What they don't know is this: that the old male lion's purpose in the hunt is only his roar. He isn't able to hunt. If they had run into the roar, he would have been powerless to overwhelm even just one of them.
It is in the same way that we must do the unnatural thing, face our fears, and run into the roar. If it was natural and easy, everyone would do it. But it isn't and it is only those that have a true dedication to truth and to the realities of their life that make this choice. Most are content to live with the lies because they seem to be less scary. But in the long run, those lies will catch up with you, and lead to your death. For those that choose to face their fears and run into the roar, freedom awaits.
(Run Into the Roar first share with me by Paul Assaiante; winningest coach in American history, Trinity College Squash Coach; undefeated for 12 years)