"WTF?" - Advice from Mark Cuban

Today, Mark Cuban wrote a blog that I have written to myself over 100 times in my journal in various forms. He wrote a blog that more or less gives step by step instructions for what to do when life makes you say, "WTF?" And for the majority of us, that has been multiple times in the past year. And for the minority of you that haven't, perhaps you are in denial.

He had five points that he then elaborated on. They were these:

1. Recognize that its ok to live like a student.
2. Take Lots of Chances
3. Figuring out if you are in the right job
4. Figure out how to be the best
5. Start the day motivated with a positive attitude.

I met Mark at my gym last month and he was a very gracious guy and, to the shock of the lookers on, he can drain a 3 pointer with surprising consistency. But it is because he followed his own advice that he enjoys the success that he does today.
There are some real gems of advice within the blogs entirety and it is worth a full read. You can find the full text HERE