Do I Twitter?

This has become a more popular question as of late. The new fad in the world of narcissistic Web2.0 utilities has intrigued me for quite some time. A whole site devoted to what am I doing right now and having the knowledge of what everyone else I know (or don't know) is doing right now seemed to not have much space in my world. It is like Facebook, except stripped down to nothing up status updates. What is the point?Well, all that to say, I have been "tweeting" for about a month now and have started to understand where it fits into the virtual world in which we all live in varying degrees.

If you care to check out my twitter page, here it is: or as they say in the world of Twitter, I am @andyellwood Now, as a helpful guide for anyone thinking about joining the new hip thing to do, here are a couple pointers I'll share with you.

* When you see @andyellwood in posts, that means that someone else is linking to my profile or is responding to something that I wrote. * If you want to see what someone is up to, you become their follower. * When you see "RT" that means someone is "Re-Tweeting" what someone else wrote because it is worth of passing along. * I have yet to figure out how people grow their follower base to more than a couple hundred people. Unless of course you are Ashton Kutcher or Demi Moore who each have over a million. * If someone wants to make the subject of their post searchable, they use a "hashtag." For example, if I wrote: "@andyellwood works for #marquis jet" and someone searched "marquis jet" on Twitter, my post would come up as a search result.