Thank You

I have a lot of opinions. Some of which flow freely on this site, some of which I bite my tongue and save for a later day. But this day, Memorial Day, I'd like to share an opinion that I hope is one to which we all can subscribe: gratitude that I live in a country that gives me the right to my own opinion.
As I pulled up the news this morning, I saw that Iran was flipping the bird to the world, specifically the US, and that the little dictator of N. Korea had launched another round of test missiles into the ocean in defiance of any and all decrees, commands, and resolutions by the world powers. Just an added reminder on this Memorial Day that evil exists in this world and there is a need to fight it.
Regardless of your political or ideological position on the two current wars being waged in Iraq and Afghanistan, today is a day to put aside the disagreements that we so freely are able to express, and honor the men and women who have died and paid for that freedom, and more, with their lives.
We so often take for granted the unbridled joy of spouting off about the idiotic actions of politicians, the less than stellar track record of certain branches of government, the severe lack of wisdom those at the top routinely exhibit. But it is to our peril that forget that we are able to do that without fear of retribution like the citizens of countries without these same freedoms.
Today is a day to slow down just a bit, take some time to pause and reflect, and reaffirm that this nation, despite its past, present, and future flaws is worth fighting for. It has been worth fighting for for over 230 years and it is my Memorial Day prayer that it will be worth fighting for for the next 230 years and beyond.

To the men and women who have, do, and will put themselves in harms way for my freedom: Thank You.