Recent Recommendations

From time to time I have the honor of being recommended by those that I have the chance to interact and work with. While there is always something to be said for meeting my own expectations and striving to live up to my own standard of excellence, it is also gratifying to know that other's have taken note as well.

“Andy is a passionate sales executive. He is tireless in his quest to provide the best service he can to his clients. Catch him while he is a star on the rise!” - Dr. John Eliot; author of Overachievement

“Very professional. I recommend Andy Ellwood to everyone.” - Thomas Gleason; President of Gleason Oil & Gas

“Andy Ellwood is a bright, high energy individual with exceptional verbal communication skills. I have known him to demonstrate high ethical standards and personal honesty in all of my dealings with him.” - Phillip Bankhead; Senior Vice President of Capmark Finance Inc.

“Andy Ellwood's energy and work ethic inspires me! He is always learning and observing his environment to maximize opportunity!” - Chris Hite; Owner of HITE, Advertising and Brand Consulting

“Andy places himself in the shoes of the client. This does not always bode well for his employer. He believes that the client always comes first making a win-win for all those involved. Andy Ellwood has a deep experience with UHNW and HNW families making him a valuable resource for those individuals looking for a informed advisor.” - Christopher Holtby; Partner at Midland Asset Management