Working Out Religion

I had gotten away from what I knew to be true and had really slacked off on my attendance and dedication over the past few years. At first, I couldn't tell that anything was different, but after awhile I started to notice the effects. And it was really when I knew that others had also taken notice of my lack of attendance that I knew I needed to do something about it. So I joined a gym. And as I have gotten back into working out and making it a part of my daily routine, I began to notice the all similarities to working out and being involved in your faith/religious activities. * Whatever training or background you grew up with is going to be your predisposition for how your approach this part of your life. * Your background, upbringing, and current situation will undoubtibly influence the speed with which you will look for and embrace the change and results. * Some people don't even have to make an effort to appear as though they are hardcore and devoted. * If you have been away from it for a long time, or have never been involved, you may not see results immediately and it will be difficult to really get into the swing of things. * There are hundreds of nuances and slight variations of the same discipline that lead to different results for different people. * There are countless classes covering and helping to implement new and exciting solutions and strategies into your world. * If you are committed to it, you will see results. * A trip to the hospital or a near death experience will cause you and those around you to strongly think about getting back into it. * If you haven't been in awhile, people can tell. * Extensive travel makes consistent attendance a challenge. * There are countless self proclaimed experts happy to convince you that their way and their version is the best. * Excessive alcohol intake really slows down progress. * There seems to always be a lot of socializing and exaggerating going on in the lobby afterward about how great, deep, and meaningful that day's session was. * There are countless books, magazines, tv shows, and seminars devoted to it. * If you ask anyone who made teaching/training a full time career about anyone else in the business with a different take on how it should be done, the other guy is always an idiot and doesn't really understand how to do it. * Some people make very loud noises to show how into it and engaged in the moment they are. * Some people wear all the right gear but have no results to show for it. * For some people it is a fad, for some a phase, and for others it is a lifestyle.