Walk of Shame

As boarding group two had completed their boarding and the gate agent was about to allow group three to approach the podium, her phone rang. Shortly there after all of us still waiting to board learned that our pilot needed a new plane and a swap needed to occur.Instantly a line formed and began to snake through the gate area and into the LAX lobby. Though our flight is only delay 50 minutes total, apparently half the flight was making a connecting the moment our plane landed. As a content traveler, I didn't feel the need to hope in line, but got a good seat for all the drama, action, and comedy that is even now unfolding.
A couple in their early thirties provided my biggest smile of the morning. They walked up to the very front of the line, past the 50+ waiting passengers and stood next to the front of the queue. With a false innocence that I saw them rehearsing as they walked up, they attempted to lure a gate agent's eyes their direction. Quickly noticing what was about to happen, a slick haired, pin stripe suited, blue tooth wearing first class flier nudged his similarly dressed neighbor in line. "The line starts back there," the second executive sternly said to the not so innocent couple. Still trying to get their way, the younger man looked back with as much sincerity and naivety and asked, "oh, are you in line?" I braced myself for a chorus of 50 voices strong barking out "YES!" but the silence and dagger eyes said it all to clearly.
I smiled as I watched a whole new definition of "the walk of shame" unfold before my eyes. Ouch.