Return Call

I received a call late last Friday afternoon from a gentleman that I met last spring through a philanthropic group here in Dallas. Let's call him "Joey". Joey is a well respected business man in the area and a huge proponent of this philanthropic group and the cause it benefits. I sent myself an email at the office to make sure that I responded to his call on Monday when I returned. I placed a call to his office and after getting the run around from his skeptical assistant, I was allowed to leave him a voice mail.Some three hours later he returned my call. Me: "This is Andy." Joey: "Yes, Andy, I am returning your call." Me: "Good afternoon, I was reaching back out to you in response to your voice mail from last week. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I was traveling over the weekend. What can I do for you?" Joey: "Um, I don't believe I called you." Me: "Actually I just listened to your message and wanted to get back with you to see how things are and what I can do for you." Joey: "Are you sure that you aren't trying to sell me something." Now, at this point, I realize that Joey has no idea who I am or why we are talking. I know exactly why he was calling me, to make an ask for his charity, and I know that is might just need a little prompting. Me: "No, actually you called me last Friday afternoon. I am assuming that it was in regards to the event that (fill in charity group here) is hosting this spring." Joey: "No, I don't believe I called you about that." Still confident that he doesn't remember who I am, and knowing that he was calling exactly for that, I remind him of our prior conversations and the group that was present when we first met. I told him about the interaction that my old firm had had with his charity and that we had also seen each other at a brunch at one of his good friend's home over the summer. Nothing. Joey: "I am sorry, but I don't think we need any of your services. Goodbye" A little perplexed, I went about my day. Late on Wednesday afternoon I got a call from Joey. He left a message for me while I was in a meeting. Joey: "Andy, I am so sorry from not knowing who you were the other day..." And then proceeded to ask for a favor. I am going to call him back tomorrow but I have got to say, I am going to have a tough time saying yes. Just goes to show, if you are calling on someone to make an ask, make sure you remember who you called. You never know, they just might call you back.