Recent Recommendations

Recently I received a few recommendations from some of the high caliber individuals that I have the privilege of working with and thought I would share.

“In business there are givers and takers. Andy Ellwood is the ultimate giver. He constantly looks for ways to help others!” - Ed Gough, Private Banking and Investment Group, Merrill Lynch

“Nothing could describe Andy Ellwood more than a serial networker... He is constantly on the lookout for ways to help others with no real return to him. He is selfless and astute, tireless and kind, knowledgeable and honest. If I were in the position to utilize the services he provided, I would be first in line as I think the value he provides is quite good, especially when compared to many competing services of the same nature. Please take my information down if any one needs more information on Andy.” - Carter Malouf, Private Jeweler

“Andy Ellwood is a great person to know and work with. Each time I chat with Andy, I think of another person I want to introduce him to. He is selfless and a connector of people an ideas. Andy is truly a genuine person with an engaging personality. He's willing to go the extra mile to make a difference and connect people to grow their businesses, networks, etc...If you don't know Andy Ellwood, you should!” - JB Hayes, Public Relations Chair, Dallas Museum of Art

“As I have gotten to know Andy over time, I have learned of his heart for others and drive to succeed - not for the sake of success, but to enable him to give to others more abundantly. This is the type of servant leader all should know and try to emulate. It is my pleasure to endorse Andy Ellwood and would encourage you to reach out to him.” - Jason Loveless, Financial Advisor, The Reaves Agency