Mile High Elite

As the media rants and raves about the tragic and tormented state of the economy and decries the selfishness and reckless luxuries that some of the titans of industry choose to enjoy, it is important to remember not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. The level at which these executive operate and the demands on their time are outside the realm of understanding for most.
In this morning's New York Times, one of their most valuable tools, considered by most a luxury, was described and detailed as not an extravagance but as a necessity to perform at such a high level. As the challenges of the economy and the downturn in corporate America, now is a time, more than ever, that private aviation will be used as a competitive advantage. The Executive suite needs to be paying personal attention to their best clients, getting face to face with their partners, workforce, and suppliers, as well as inspiring and motivating their marketplace to action and innovation. These executives need to be able to be in and out of three cities in the same day with access to their phones, email, and have the ability to work with their team as they travel.
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