27 Random Things

Taking the bait and listening to the results of a poll I took and all that voted (Thanks Cristie,) I finally gave in to the fad and wrote my "25 Random Things about Me" (with my own over achiever twist.)

1. As I write, it is my birthday in London.
2. Finger food could sustain me for the rest of my life.
3. I do not use shaving cream, never have.
4. Will Smith is the celebrity that I am most frequently mistaken for.
5. I have a man crush on Josh Hamilton.
6. I got bored and taught myself to play guitar my senior year in high school.
7. My golf clubs were made in the 1960s
8. Pocket squares are my most recent fashion indulgence. Fanny packs are next.
9. Artificial cherry is one of only three flavors I dislike.
10. I am by far the most humble person I know.
11. My favorite book is a book of fiction. Other than that one, I only read nonfiction.
12. DVR has changed my life and made me a better human being.
13. I have unnaturally impressive flexibility and balance for a tall guy.
14. My cologne was discontinued. This makes Annie sad.
15. I bleed maroon.
16. I intend to have visited all 7 continents by the time I am thirty. 3 down, 4 to go.
17. My favorite painting is by a French artist. My favorite book is by a Brazilian author. My favorite song is about a small town boy born and raised in South Detroit.
18. I have been told I have the dance moves of a black man.
19. I have never seen a Korean Elvis in person.
20. I hate cheese pizza and vanilla ice cream due to their sheer lack of flavor.
21. I have read the entire Bible, verse by verse.
22. I am seven inches taller than my Dad.
23. I have kept a journal since 1997.
24. Rosemary is my favorite spice.
25. My favorite words are legendary and swagger.
26. I read the rules to understand how far I can push the envelope.
27. I am the luckiest guy in the world and have some of the greatest friends, most incredible family, and the love of my life Annie to thank for that.