Seredipitous By Design

Recently Kenny Dichter, CEO and Chairman of Marquis Jet was interviewed by Business Jet Traveler about the tremendous success that Marquis Jet has achieved, he said something that got me thinking. He responded that in the 7 year since founding the company, the opportunities that he and the company have had have had a theme to them. "Serendipitous by design. We have had lightning strike a couple times, but I always tell my salespeople lightning can’t strike unless you’re in the way of lightning. Half of it is great timing and being lucky, and half of it is being in position to be lucky." (read the full interview HERE)

I have often been quoted as saying that my real job in any endeavor I undertake is to be "in the right place at the right time." Fortunately, though it has been a long road coming, I now work with a organization that manufactures those right places and right times for our Card Owners and for the team that supports them.