Darwin Was Right

With a very forward looking perspective due to the newness of the year, and the hope that this brings, it occurs to me that we are not done with 2008 yet. What happened in Q3 and Q4 of this previous year is just the beginning. The fall out on a macro level isn't yet complete and the fall out on a micro level has not even begun. The shock waves of the down turn have started to be felt, but have yet subside and allow us to take inventory of what we have left and make choices about if and when to rebuild.
The best part about mayhem and chaos is the truth always seems to bubble to the top. Madoff anyone? "Like wind to a flame is chaos to an entity, it extinguishes the weak and enkindles the strong. " There is going to be more opportunity in the coming 2-3 years than any of us can currently conceive. Those that have been wise will be able to name their price and seize assets that were illadvisedly purchased by the brash and misinformed. A new wave of American success stories will be born. Innovation will be at a premium. The Forbes 400 list is going to get rearranged.
Those that will succeed inspite of the doom and gloom, real and fabricated, will be those that are nimble and shrewd enough to seize it. The victors in this battle will be made up of "the men in the ring" willing to adjust and to tweak and to adapt. The growth that will come for at home and abroad in the next two decades will be a result of the opportunities capture in the next three to five years by those imaginative enough to see them.

Bottom Line: Those who adapt, survive. Those who don't become extinct.