Crappy Couch

When contemplating a quickly approaching move, it became apparent that now was a great time to get rid of a few superfluous pieces of furniture, specifically the first couch of my bachelor life. It has seen better days, but was a faithful part of my previous two living situations. In my current home, I haven't sat on the couch since we moved in. Therefore, time to go.
I called Salvation Army and told them I wanted to donate the couch and some other items. They offer a pick up service and it was scheduled for early this afternoon. I was at home when the large truck and large men of Salvation Army arrived. I watched from my office window as they loaded the clothes and the chairs that we also on the porch to be donated. But then, to my shock, I watched as they packed up the truck and were about to drive away.
"Excuse me, sir? What about the couch?" I yelled as the large burly man mounted up into the huge moving truck. With a smile that only a mother (with no concept of dental hygiene) could love, he replied, "It is not quite up to our standards. But thank you for the thought."
Continued proof that beggars can't be choosers and it is not always the thought that counts.
Anyone need a really crappy couch?