Southbound 35

I am in Austin this weekend for the bachelor party of my college roommate a good friend Erik Korem. I made the 3 hour drive down from Dallas yesterday and was reminded of how good "windshield time" can be for the mind and the soul. There is nothing better than mindlessly staring at the road stretching out before you and having no alternative muse to be distracted by. I almost convinced myself that while the price of gas is down (but don't worry, it is going back up soon) I need to take a three hour drive every weekend just to digest my week and have some "Andy Time."
As Pat Green said: "So we were southbound 35, we were headed down the road, hit the border by the morning, let Texas fill my soul, yeah let Texas fill my soul....."
That is what I caught a glimpse of yesterday. But, since I am crackberry addict, I didn't quite achieve the usual serenity and solice I find on the road. I charged my phone right before I left and by the time I got to Austin had used 3/4 of the battery life between the phone calls, emails, texts, and research I did while flying down I-35.
Oh well, I guess there is always Northbound 35 on Sunday.