Untooth and Live

Hands free headsets for your cell phone are very useful and practical most of the time. When you are driving or maybe while sitting at your computer, a life saver. But, when you are sitting in an airport, walking through a 7-11, or eat dinner with your family; you having a blue tooth head sheet in your ears is ridiculous. You are not that important. There is not a call you are expecting that could possibly carry that level of significance for you to need to have a plastic ear piece stuck to the side of your head. There is really no good time that i can think of to be walking a round in public, especially a bar (i just want to mock those guys to their face), that would warrant you being that in tune with your phone. If your phone starts ringing and you have to fish around in your pocket for the ear piece, just to answer the phone, you addiction is severe. If you family members and friends do not start speaking to you until they have seen the left side of your head (to ensure you aren't saving the world with your plusating blue light head piece), you need to acknowledge your issue and seek help.

In fact, the new way to show that you've made it, is to not carry a blackberry or iPhone at all. You know you have arrived when your underlings are trying to convince you to leave it at home and let them handle it. Just look at the most powerful man in the world, he can't give it up, but he is going to have to soon.

There is a big wonderful world going on around you. Unplug, untooth, and live in the moment.

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