Undecided? It's okay

The New York Times featured one of the most talked about segments of the voting population today on the front page. I am a part of this group and appreciate their interest in what we have to say. Myself and my fellow undecided brethren (Read the article HERE) make up approximately 4% of the electorate and we are still considering who we are going to vote for on Tuesday. With two days to go, and a whole afternoon to think long and hard, it looks like I am going to have to finally make my decision on who to vote for. Despite the recent questions on the evening news of "What the heck are these people waiting for?" I, like many Americans, want to cast my vote and have it mean something. Not that my one vote is going to change the outcome of the Texas delegate count, but have it mean something to me. I would love for the next four years to smile and say, "I am so glad that I cast my vote the way I did." I fear that that is not what will happen as I am still not confident that either Obama or McCain is truly the best thing for America. And while I could write in Michael Bloomebrg, or as one friend suggested, Superman, I am going to pick from one of the two and hope that the vote I cast is for the kind of change this country so desperately needs.