Free Gift! Pain

"Condé Nast Portfolio is the new business magazine with investigative reporting and breaking business news covering finance and technology, media, art and more. Dedicated to reporting on global events from finance to technology and what they mean to business in general and your business in particular....we fully engage business leaders with a big-picture perspective in print and a real time focus on the day's most compelling developments online."
That is why I subscribed. I had enjoyed flipping through the magazine at Barnes and Noble with Annie and for just a little more than a $1 an issue, it was a no brainer. And, apparently, as a way to say thank you for my subscription, I would also get a free gift, an umbrella!
When I received them umbrella, I also received a hand full of splinters as it shattered the first time I attempted to open it up. Not really the feeling (pain) that I think Conde Nast was hoping to fully engage their readers with.