VP Debate

Biden - Smart, articulate, and confusing to the masses as he tries to explain details when the question asked for generalities. Rabbit trails galore. I want to go have a glass of scotch with him, i bet he is a riot at a party. What a winning smie. He was making eyes at the moderator. He turned on the emotions at key points and made the connection with the camera like a pro. And as he told us at least times that he "loves John McCain."
Palin - Likeable, definitely studied her materials, and reminds me a lot Tina Fey.... Uncanny. Answered questions she felt like, gave herself a new question if she didn't like the one the moderator gave. Is it me or does she remind you of a weather girl? "Gwen, back to you..." And fortunately, the McCain camp let Sarah Palin be the Sarah Palin we all saw the first couple weeks after her nomination, not the blunder we saw on the Katie Couric interviews.
And then Biden hit on Palin and asked her out for drinks.