tu/o-who? weekend

The commotion started months ago and has culminated in the city of Dallas, and perhaps more specifically the bars, being over run my burnt orange and crimson. As i walked to Starbucks this morning, there was a caravan without end driving down Greenville Avenue headed for the Cotton Bowl in Fair Park. Every seat was full and window flags and magnetic decals left little to the imagination which team each car's passengers would be routing for. Now, it is important to note that this is at 8:30 in the morning. For whatever reason, the big game starts at 11am. For more reasons than anyone can begin to count, that is much too early in the day for two pretty good footballs team to play on the national stage. But according to the facebook status of my tu and o-who friends, the tailgating and intoxicated revelry has begun. So my words of wisdom on this weekend of boomer/horns insanity: enjoy the game from the safety of the suburbs or at least from your neighborhood walking distance bar and then go have lunch.