It all started my sophomore year at Texas A&M when, like most of my peers, I thought sorority t-shirts were the measure of a man. I was part of an ever growing population of "cotton whores" that would do pretty much anything for an event t-shirt and that adhered strictly to the "three day rule." When I packed up my dresser senior year I had managed to accumulate over 70 t-shirts from specific events in college. And now, the shoppers of the Bryan/College Station Goodwill are boasting to the world that they were at the 2002 Chi-O Gangstas in Paradise Crush party.I am a Dallas Cowboys fan, always have been. Emmitt, Troy, and Michael were a large part of my growing up years. I am excited about Marion, Tony, and Terrell and about Forbes recent valuation of the team as the most valuable franchise in America. But this morning I am wearing a fitted blue New England Patriots hat. Why on earth you ask? Because it has the One Key logo on the side of the hat. We sponsored a golf tournament for the Patriots Charitable Foundation awhile back and while working out of our corporate offices last month, I found the stash of hats. So this morning as I sat at my neighborhood Starbucks, I noticed some looks of curiosity as to my choice of team swag. But what they weren't paying attention to was the logo on the side of the hat that I was really associating myself with.