Pepper Smash

Tristan has done it again. As an encore to his fantastic row of scrumptious restaurants East of 75 on Henderson, his most recent offering is tremendous. Victor Tango's is a gastro pub with a unique menu and a rare take on bar food and speciality drinks. The exposed brick walls are classy, the lighting moody, and long marble bar spacious. The food is amazing. Cheddar butter biscuits, ahi tuna nachos, chicken and waffles, and perhaps my favorite, lobster BLT sliders. They are changing their menu pretty frequently and tonight i heard that the sticky ribs were incredible.

But the reason that i come back as often as i can is for the Pepper Smash Cocktail. Picture this: red pepper and local mint muddled and then drenched in a dry gin, lemon juice, and clover honey syrup. Shaken and pour over ice, then garnished with a thinly sliced red pepper and a smashed mint leaf. I hate gin normally (read bad experience in New Orleans) but this drink is amazing and refreshing. All specialty cocktails are $8.

So go see the spunky staff at Tristan Simon and the Consilient Group's newest opportunity to enjoy a new twist on some old favorites.
(As I was writing this, I encouraged a couple fellow patrons to try the Pepper Smash. Their response: "Wow, it is exactly the way you described it! Amazing! You should write blog or something.")