My "Momma"

In my last post I wrote that the most important issue to me in this election is the candidates energy policy. I believe that this issue will dictate how our country moves forward into the next century. As China and India rise in political, economic, and military power on the world stage, and Russia returns to being a factor in the international landscape, our dependence on foreign countries for sustainability puts us in a compromising position. Being able to not only provide for our own energy consumption, but also finding ways to change the amount and the types of energy that we consume I believe is pivotal to our country's future.
An anonymous commenter's response to my blog was: "Or you could vote with the idea that the next Pres. will likely seat up to 3 Supreme Court justices. Then you can look at how your momma raised you and decide what is most fitting with your faith."
This could be a great point. The issue of Supreme Court justices will indeed be decided, in part, by the next President.
The issue that I take with the comment though is two fold: First, it was anonymous and therefore I can't respond back directly to the commenter. Second, while there is validity in the issue raised, I completely discount the point for the weak argument to support their statement. The reason I am going to vote for a candidate is whether or not I think they are going to do what is right for the country and the future of America. Bringing my Mom and how she brought me up isn't a logical argument. That sounds like group think and peer pressure. If anything, my "momma raised me" to learn to think for myself, understand the issues from all sides, do my best and never quit, and fight for the things that are the most important to me.
So, Mr./Mrs. Anonymous, if you would care to present another idea as to how or why I should reconsider the issue of Supreme Court justices, please put more thought into a persuasive argument and less time talking about my "momma."