Debate Snarky Remarks

Barack Obama - Is supported by Warren Buffet, that's gotta be nice. Connected with the young black man and then dissed McCain for not being able to remember his facts. He is confident of the American economy and is going to take advise from other countries to help. He understood everyone's issues and played psychologist for the audience members. He is JFK and we are probably going to the moon. We kinda maybe should think about oil and stuff. I hope I am in the bottom 95% of the American income earners. Obama thinks there are a couple of different options with energy. McCain voted against energy policy back in the day. Answered every questions with a "I understand you and know you" statement. Health care should be a right. McCain is wrong. Go America!

John McCain - Is left handed. His war injuries made him look pretty stiff. Stood very close to Obama, did a little stare down. Then, he told a young black man that he probably had never heard of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, condescending much? Got out of breath walking around the stage. Hammered home his energy plan. He can reform everything. He knows how to reach across the aisle. He is convinced that we, as Americans, can do everything. Thinks Obama is trying to "nail jello to the wall." Senator Obama wants to do, "uh, well, something or other" that isn't what should be done for energy. McCain bashed Biden's hair transplants and then admitted that he might need some himself. Health care should be a responsibility. Obama is wrong. Go America!

Neither of them ever did anything wrong. Neither of them think that the economy is going to get worse. They both talked about a lot of very big numbers. They both are against (and both have voted for in the past) ear marks and pork spending. They both want to be President. Generalities are everyones friends. We can work together because we are Americans. Neither of them like Bush, no no, not at all. Tom Brokaw had to play referee. Next time the stoplights should be where the candidates can see them. They both know everything they do "as they travel around the country." Neither of them are telling you everything. The other one is going to lead to the demise of the country.