Coffee Community

Having recently moved from The Village Apartments (read retirement community for college kids) to a house in the "M Streets" i have had to also moved Starbucks. Because it is a daily visit for me, it was important that i get a feel for the culture of my new coffee home. This Starbucks is one of the ones that will closed as a result of Howard Schultz pulling back the reigns on the insane store growth that took place in his CEO absence. In the few weeks i have been coming here i have started to get to know who the regulars are and more importantly train the barista to know my drink (venti drip, black) One of the regulars is an author. He and his much younger wife just moved back from Prague. He tells everyone that "things haven't changed much here (the starbucks) since we left, excpet i have a new book..." And then proceeds to tell everyone the plot. He wears shirts that are two sizes too small. (Currently, if you had to guess his profession, you'd guess plumber) The other regulars all seem to have one, maybe two, things in common; kids and/or dogs. The parents at this Starbucks appear to be older parents (late 30s, early 40s) The dog owners seem to all look like there dogs, which i why i like walking my friend's great dame. So i sit and watch community happen and enjoy my venti drip (as long as it is not Pike's Place) and wonder who is going to walk in next.