A 3rd Option

As the nation and the world prep for another debate between Obama and McCain tonight, I can't help but wish that there was a third podium on the stage. Maybe it is because this campaign began more than a year ago, and maybe it is because I have paid too much attention to it, and maybe it is because neither candidate has actually convinced me that I should vote for them; but I sure do wish that there was a viable third choice on November 4th. And I don't mean a Ralph Nader protest vote, I mean a hardcore truly significant opportunity to vote for someone that isn't so far to the left and inexperienced like Obama or as uninspiring and old as McCain. The base is going to vote red or blue regardless of who is on the ticket. They are going to overlook the things that drive them nuts about their candidate because they just want to make sure that their party wins. But what about those down the middle? I think that most Americans don't actually tow the party line and cling to the far left or the far right. I believe that the majority would identify themselves as socially liberal (ie - I don't want the government regulating morality) and fiscally conservative (since the government isn't regulating morality, quit taxing me for special interests and programs we don't need)
I really wish that Michael Bloomberg had stepped up to the plate and tossed is hat in the ring. I have no idea how it would have played out and who he would have stolen more votes from, but I think he would have had a real chance. I think he is a very healthy balance of both sides of the aisle and has real executive experience. First with his impressive corporation bearing his last name, and most recently in the political realm as the Mayor of New York City. Against two Senators, he would have had a monopoly on the real world experience and actually get things done.
Out of all of the incredible men and women of America, it seems to me that we could have done better than McCain and Obama as our only two options.