80mph Blog

At the speed that my mind races, rarely can I share a true snap shot of what all is running through my head on a given day. But, when armed with a blackberry on a 1,000 mile drive, I managed to capture a few thoughts:
Early morning good bye :( I was passed by vehicle from my Dad's firms; Soarin' - HM1; 19 police vehicles by sunrise; U of A University Street Starbucks, Venti Drip with M and then Fork; Fiji Water is other worldly good; Praise you in the Storm - Casting Crowns; UFO sighting, San Simon, AZ - turned out to be an unmarked white blimp; Here with me - Dido, on Love Actually soundtrack (best use of a song and zipper in any movie ever); $2.75/g of gas; I am really excited for Christmas; I am a Modern Day Drifter according to Dierks; being Hullabalooed by a fellow Aggie driver, Whoop!; Welcome to Texas; got a State Inspection; closed (fingers crossed) a deal in the mechanic shop lobby; huge semi accident on highway outside the window, traffic out the wahzoo in El Paso; renewing my vows and affection for my blackberry; huge desire to pick up a hitchhiker; money dropped by drive thru employee, had to chase down my cash in parking lot; pulled my neck while doing the Roxberry head bob to "What is Love?"; Annie said i am not allowed to pick up a hitchhiker; Entire billboards devoted to the "world class selection of rubber snakes" amuse me; 80mph is the best posted speed limit ever; As a society, we are far too myopic; I'm proud to be an American, esp when going through security checkpoints and being questioned by Border Patrol agents; i can't listen to Snow Patrol without thinking about Meredith and McDreamy; truck beds full of camo and antlers, Bubbas in the front cab, nice; 100mph is more natural in a G35 than an Explorer; Annie burned me CDs for my trip, i love a good mix; i am driving in an O'Keeffe painting; after years of having a (strongly) disliked White House, what would it be like to have a celebrity President? Brad Paisley wrote "She's Everything to Me" after reading my journal; wooden windmills make me think of my Dad; when a couple says they are "going on a break," what does that actually mean? The windshield is at least 50x larger than the rear view mirror, a blog waiting to happen; "I'm big city bound 'cause you're always 17 in your home town;" the spiritual lessons from concrete is endless; i need a trip back to the Texas Hall of Fame on a Thursday night, oh the memories; seeing modern windmills make me think of our future; all young men should learn how to play "Texas Angel" on guitar; on Annie and my first date I discovered our song, "Someone Like You" and its word are truer with each passing year; I never know what i am going to order from Sonic until i press the red button; Peter and his friends Charles and Kevin are the BMOC, no doubt; after a long day on the road even sleeping on a couch is heavenly; cheap coffee (ie - not Starbucks) is bad for me; $2.58/g gas is good for me; dumping out cheap coffee three sips in is acceptable when a Starbucks billboard appears around the next bend; Verona! Ever notice the last 100 miles before arriving at your destination feel as though they take as long as the entire trip combined?