100 = Therapy

Officially setting a new record, this is in fact the 100th blog of 2008. That being said, as soon as things slow down just a smidge, I have about another 100 blogs to write. When people ask my why I love to blog as much as I do, the easiest and most accurate answer is that it is in fact therapeutic for me. During any given day I send north of 100 emails and engage in 50+ phone calls, this all of course is not counting meetings and events that may or may not happen at the last minute. Now, that being said, I am not bragging that I am a busy guy, just laying some ground work for why even now at 11:33pm on a Tuesday night I am pecking away at my keyboard when really I should be attempting to sleep.
The pace of my life right now does not lend itself to reflection or extended times of thought. By forcing myself to write down what I am thinking, I am in fact slowing my ming down long enough to compose a complete thought. That is why I blog and that is why, whether anyone ever reads a word I write, it is one of my favorite things to do.