Zagat Rated #1 - I agree

Having made my way from the West Village across to Union Square I had encountered the entire gamit of New York City life on a Saturday morning. Drug dealers and the homeless in the under reconstruction Washington Square Park; preppies and their parents at the NYU campus cafes; street venders and hedge fund managers at the Soho Starbucks. Annie had made sure that I was well equipped with some of her favorite books on NYC and I had read and heard quite a bit about Union Square Cafe. After taking in the farmers market and buying some head phones from a tent full of Asians, I made my way across 5th Ave to the burgundy awning just down 16th.

I love sitting at the bar, like Giada does, and letting the bartender point me in the right direction.

I ordered a South Hamptom Secret Ale, black bean soup, and a BLT. They brough out some terrific bread and olives to start. The black bean soup with thinner than what i am used to in Texas and it was served with a thin lemon slice and finely shredded green chives. What really set it off was when the bar tender asked to pour a shot of Sherry in the soup. The hint of liqour brought out the flavors and made the dish. The BLT was incredible. The tomatoes were fresh and the bacon was thick and perfectly seasoned.

The conversation down the bar was lively as patrons debated last night's presidential debate and the merits of each candidate. The lunch rush was just beginning as i was leaving. As i exited this incredible restaurant, i merged back onto the recently drenched streets and the hussle and bussle of a Union Sqaure saturday.