Table for One

As i was walking down Columbus reading menus in the window, i noticed Wine and Roses across the street. I told myself if i didn't find anything on the next couple blocks i would come back. From across the street i could just tell that it had some great energy and was busier than most of the other restaurants.When i did circle back and walk in, i realized the reason it looked busy from across the street is because it was and it was small. The marble bar consumed most of the inside and was lined with stools. The walls had small two person tables and the little outside patio only had four tables each seating two. I sat at the corner of the bar, clicked my blackberry to silence, and decided to just unwind and process the week. I ordered a glass of wine on the bar tender's recommendation. I had tried a couple and then she recommended this one and it was great, very full bodied and "meaty" when it hit my tongue. I ordered the next glass, an italian wine with "hits of espresso and berries" and asked him to pair a three cheese sampling with it. The three cheeses were incredible. The first and third were Italian and the second one was American made. Castle Rosso - Dry, crumbly texture, yet creamy in mouth, aged three months. Grassy and earthy flavors. Unpastuerized cow’s milk. Midnight Moon - Firm, dry and crumbly texture, aged for at least one year. The taste has a warm, nutty flavor with hints of caramel. Pasteurized goat’s milk. Robiola - Silky, smooth and creamy texture. Well balanced, buttery flavors. Made in the northern region of Langhe. Pasteurized cow’s and sheep's milk. The tray also came with grapes, apples, figs, dates, and warm bread. I was in a contemplative mood so I ate ever so slowly mixed and matched and savored every bite and every sip. Then i ordered a light bodied Pinot Nior from California and the Wine and Roses Liguini. It was a slow meal with a wonderful atmosphere and a place that i would love to go back to with Annie.